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  • ToshiroFanGirl
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  • ToshiroFanGirl

    Hey guys! Toshi here with this week's abridged!!!!
    Everyone: (ノ≧┏Д┓≦)ノ
    Toshi: SCREW U WHORES! D:< So basically, I lost a bet with MDM a while back and he's so mean to force an ill girl with tonsillitis to do an abridged! D: SO MEAN! So, let's begin! AND LET'S BULLY HIM TOO! D:<

    Author's Note: All characters in this abridged are copyrighted by nobody so I used them as I wished~ Explicit nudity and fatness is included! Enjoy~!

    Toshi: MDM said I could do it about an enemy >:3
    MDM: D:
    Toshi: Let us get on with the storylinnnnnnnnne~!

    Rai: Such amazing moments *3*
    Toshi: However, not all members showed c…

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  • ToshiroFanGirl

    Welcome to Toshi's Tavern, my new lil blog, where each week I will go into the wilderness of the internet and give my own small review of the new FT chapter (Like 5 others don't already do that XD) and then I'll do something, which I shall explain in due time~! Now for the chapter >:3

    [[File:Cover 352.png|thumb|200px|left|Jura...really!? >_

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  • ToshiroFanGirl

    MDM: Welcome! I am-

    (5 hooded figures come on with bulls and the bulls trample over MDM-nii)
    Toshi: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MDM-nii!!
    God: *Holds the cake with a sulk on his face* Why am I here again?
    Toshi: Because it's that time of the week again, and since MDM-nii wanted it, I've made this week's chapter!
    Kakarot: I should make my own chapter! *^* About MEEEEHHHH
    Toshi: Good luck with that :3
    Jess: So, we should get the birthday celebrations underway with some.....TV!!!!!!
    Toshi: Yes, ofc, everyone loves TV! So, what does everyone want to watch?
    Kakarot: Guitar Shows
    God: Bleach
    Chaos: Chaos is genderless. Chaos watches anything.
    Toshi: Well, I guess I'll pick the show then *Flicks through the TV guide* Oooh, look! There's …

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  • ToshiroFanGirl

    THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN EVERYONE WANTS THE GMG TO END FAST!!!!!!!! Anyways, this chapter wasn't that bad to abridge XD Hope you like :3

    You gotta admit, it does remind you of Rocker's Drill n Rock :3…

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