Let's start off by saying thank you to everyone who helped me think. but unfortunatley only Ultraprime2 helped good job man.

it was a bright and sunny day in the city of magnolia until... boom!!! an explosion broke out and Kain escaped and started looking for food and then mr. cursey fell of his flabby back and bounced and rolling down the street it went. Kain was not gonna let Mr. Cursey get lost right? so he ran after him but unfortunately he was obese and ran out of energy. so he decided to "borrow" a car. he drove past Mr. Cursey already so he stopped but he ran over Gray. Gray got angry at him for running over him and escaping from prison. he challenged him to a duel. Kain accepted.

Kain: "You really think you can defeat me?? I got Mr. Cursey back so put your hair on him!"

Gray: "HA!!! You really think i would obey a freak like you?!"

Kain takes a razor an shaves gray's eyebrows off.

Kain: "Who's the freak now?"

Gray gets mad and tries to use ice make geyser but then Kain notices he just got

Gray's hair and swiftly puts it on Mr. Cursey

then Kain pounded Mr. Cursey on the sidewalk and Gray got so angry he used Ice Make Lance but since Kain is a gluttton he is slow so he got hit by the freezing attack He takes Mr. Cursey and starts pulling his shoulder until Gray's was dislocated but Gray lowblowed Kain before his sholder was ripped off. he decides to feed Kain before he takes him to prison but for Kain the fight was not over! He bit Gray's leg!!!! Gray retaliated and pulled Kain's hair and placed it on Mr. Cursey and punched Mr. Cursey. Kain vomited on Gray then he froze him into an icicle and brought him to prison.


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