Hey guys, having a good day? i know i have.

so what's bugging me for a while are the Main page characters. more specifically the villains.

i mean... isn't it time for a change of characters on there?

i mean the main characters are fine (natsu,lucy,wendy,gray,happy,erza) because... well... they're main characters after all.

but the villains are a little... outdated.

if you don't know which characters it are: zeref, faust, hades, jellal, ultear and minerva.

Zeref is still fine cuz ya know? main villain and such but the others need to be replaced i think (although jellal is debatable)

i mean faust, hades and ultear are practically gone from the series and minerva is not really a villain anymore nor is she a main character. as i said jellal is debatable because even though he is not a villain anymore he is a pretty important character.

but why not replace them with more relevant characters?

like acnologia, maybe gajeel or makarov? god serena? at least characters which are not outdated is what i'am saying.

have the roster updated once in a while you know?

now i don't know how that is done or if it is even possible because i don't understand any of that! XD

but this is just something i wanted to talk about. this is of course especially a blog for the editors on this site (you're doing a good job editors!)

do you agree with me or do you think we should just let it be?

and if you agree, maybe some suggestions in the comments? i love comments and replying to them so comment away :D

well that was it. i hope you have a great day! thanks for your time and goodbye!

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