• The ultimate bigfoot

    Hey guys, having a good day? i know i have.

    so what's bugging me for a while are the Main page characters. more specifically the villains.

    i mean... isn't it time for a change of characters on there?

    i mean the main characters are fine (natsu,lucy,wendy,gray,happy,erza) because... well... they're main characters after all.

    but the villains are a little... outdated.

    if you don't know which characters it are: zeref, faust, hades, jellal, ultear and minerva.

    Zeref is still fine cuz ya know? main villain and such but the others need to be replaced i think (although jellal is debatable)

    i mean faust, hades and ultear are practically gone from the series and minerva is not really a villain anymore nor is she a main character. as i said jellal is debata…

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  • The ultimate bigfoot

    Hey guys! having a good day?

    i was thinking. (something i usually don't do) wouldn't it be cool to have a dragon civil war arc?

    think about it, we saw what the dragons could do in the GMG and tartaros arc.

    and there is already so much content for it! i'm talking an epic scale war between dragons and dragon slayers.

    just think about the epic battles that could happen with those different magics and of course some new dragon slayer magics.

    we get more history about igneel and the others, the origin of the dragon slayers, acnologia of course, zeref and maybe even a little natsu action as true E.N.D. because natsu doesn't remember anything of his past except his time with igneel and zeref said if it will be him or E.N.D that will face him. maybe E…

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