• TheWickedWizardOfOz

    I don't know if anyone's said anything about these things; not that they're ground-breaking or anything. But, while rereading the Battle of Fairy Tail arc, I noticed a couple of things.

    1) Grandeeny speaks to Igneel, standard knowledge. However, on the page before she speaks to him, Natsu falls asleep (again), meaning that Natsu is not conscious of Grandeeny's presence. Which clears up a little confusion as to how Grandeeny was speaking to Igneel inside of Natsu's body and Natsu not knowing that there were two dragons talking inside his body.

    I also think that this can be related to when Grandeeny spoke to Porlyusica. Porlyusica described it as Grandeeny speaking into her mind, if I recall correctly. So I guess Grandeeny did the same to Igne…

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