Fairy Tail and Dragon Ball have some things in common,for example title is a mythical creature and then a 4 letter word ending in L. but today,i'm talking about the characters.

Natsu - Goku: they are both the main character who care for their friends and can get angry. Lucy - Videl: only putting lucy in here because she's a main character, both are considered weak. (although lucy is actually more useful than videl. only chose Videl cos there are not many female DBZ characters) Gray/Gajeel- Vegeta: both want to fight the main character but they can get along. For some reason gray reminds me of gohan. don't know why Erza: as said before,not many female DBZ characters. Mirajane/Launch: both are innocent but turn aggressive. Ichiya (ichichiya? idk couldn't care less) - Hercules/Mr Satan: both are pretty much useless

May as well put in 2 attributes: Saiyans/ Dragon Slayers/Exceeds: Both are a type of character that several characters are. Why exceeds? Goku and Happy/Carla/Charle (whatever the female cat is called) were both sent to earth. Super Saiyan/ Dragon Force or Flames of Emotion/Rage: Both forms achieved through great power or Emotions.

Got any other characters/attributes or don't agree? Put your similar characters or similar things in the comments below.

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