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  • I was born on May 26
  • My occupation is a shitty student :)
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  • TheDragonSlayerEmpressNalle

    Hi everyone!!! I am Nalle im new here in wiki and i hope we get along guys!!

    well..since im new here i just want to share my talent to all of you guys, and i hope you like it >.<

    my fan arts:

    • hello there for mirajane[1]

    • yummy!! for meredy[2]

    • its not done yet but i hope you like it[3]

    • so cool!!![4]

    • yoroshiku!![5]

    my arts:

    • Kagura[6]

    • Gray[7]

    • Mirajane [8]

    • Lucy[9] its crappy-_- sorry

    • Erza[10]

    • two badass wizards>.>first come first serve^_^

    To all have incoming birthdays:

    ~ be sure you will ask your gift one week before your b-day>.>

    ~ expect that it is a fan art!!!


    • comment what you like but dont be so meannie because im just a beginner>.>

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