...Okay, I think that heading will capture your attention :D

But, before you start spamming comments like "Omg... you're just a hater!" and "I love Lisanna!" let me explain:

This blog is not about me spreading and ranting about how much I hate Lisanna. In actual fact, personality-wise, Lisanna is an okay character. She is nice, she definitely has Fairy Tail spirit and she is an optimistic person. No, it's Lisanna's role in the Fairy Tail story that is the root of my deep hatred for her.

In addition, I will not try and poor a whole heap of hate onto Mashima. I respect his decisions with the Fairy Tail manga, and I understand that he has the right to do whatever he wants to with his characters and the series. As such, this blog will simply be my take on the way Lisanna should have been written (and written out) of Fairy Tail, and how her relationship and parting with Natsu, Elfman and Mirajane should have been handled in my eyes.

Let's get cracking.

Elfman attacks Lisanna

An amazing start to a character who could have been one of the most important in the series

When Lisanna was first introduced into the story, I, as I think many were, was kind of confused by her appearance. She was only ever seen in flashbacks, and I gathered something had happened to her, but had no idea what. In the Phantom Lord arc, when it was revealed Elfman killed Lisanna in his crazed state at the hands of The Beast, I was shocked quite a bit. I felt saddened to know that this character I barely knew had passed away when she was obviously very close to many of the characters, but it was at this stage that I developed a deep emotional attachment to Elfman and Mirajane as characters. I finally understood this deep-rooted emotion in Mirajane, and her soft personality and blocking of her previous S-Class Magic, and I got why Elfman put on this charade of manliness even though deep down he was the complete opposite. Lisanna's death gave the two so much purpose, and so much fighting spirit.

Satan Soul Release

Lisanna: helping with amazing character development since chapter 1

The subject of Lisanna was of course brought up again through Lucy, when the guild members commented that Lucy and Lisanna were very similar, and that Natsu seemed really close to both of them. Again, this connection warmed my heart when I thought that after so long, Lisanna still lived on in Natsu's heart, almost being... replaced is the wrong word... continued through Natsu's relationship with Lucy - almost like he was finally ready to move on, and had done so by accepting Lucy into his life despite her reminding him of Lisanna.

In the Fighting Festival arc when Elfman was falling at the hands of Freed and Mirajane released her powers for the first real time in the series, I was in awe. I couldn't comprehend that THIS was the power Mirajane was hiding, but the whole idea that she was doing so to save her brother and fight for the memory of Lisanna moved me to love her even more. The one little scene towards the end of that fight when Mira almost punches Freed's brains out but stops when she remembers Lisanna proved to me that we were seeing a refined Mirajane: a woman just as fearsome as before, but with more compassion, more resolve. Again, Lisanna's death only helped these characters evolve, and in my eyes it was all for the better.
But then...

The Edolas arc. *sighs*

I understand that there were some parts missing in the Lisanna story. In my eyes there were two ways Mashima could have gone about this: Lisanna somehow returns and all is undone, or, the characters finally accept full closure. In the case of Natsu, this was very important, as I feel he least of all accepted Lisanna's death. At the same time, Natsu has not experienced much death, particularly of his friends. I truly think Lisanna's death should have been permanent partly for this reason, as Natsu, having a friend he had lost, would be more mature about this topic. Instead of fighting because his friends "give him strength", he could fight because he "knows the feeling of losing a loved one, and never wants to experience this again". In my eyes, the second reason would be much more preferable, and I perhaps wouldn't be so annoyed with Natsu's constant nakama power-ups if he had such a deep reason for them.

Alas, no...

Elfman Chokes Lisanna

Lisanna: fueling character distress since her return??

When Lisanna returned at the end of the Edolas arc, all I could think was "What... Why?" I couldn't fathom a guess as to why her return was important. She doesn't have any special reason to return... No powers the story requires... No characters she directly impacts that much (in my eyes Mirajane and Elfman would still be the same if she hadn't returned as they had pretty much moved on) and no past significance that needs repeating.

Continuing on from this and all you get are Mirajane and Elfman suffering from her return. By this, I mean the way Mirajane was distraught when Azuma attacked them on Tenrou, and the way Elfman is now in terror at what he is doing to Lisanna because of Sayla. If you ask me, Mirajane and Elfman have only suffered more because of Lisanna's return, not to mention that Lisanna has not done anything significant since her return AT ALL. You can take her out of almost every scene she is in and she can easily be replaced by another character who can serve the same purpose.

Wait, you don't believe me huh? Well, let me show you.

Here is the real purpose of this blog, and the long rant I have been keeping in my brain this whole time: re-writing Lisanna's role in Fairy Tail from the Edolas arc. Yep, I have re-written the story the way I would have told it. I understand that this is just my opinion, and there will be many, but this is what I think:

When Natsu landed in Edolas and saw Lisanna, this should have been a critical point for his closure with her death. First, the Lisanna in Edolas SHOULD NOT have been the Earth Land Lisanna, rather, her actual counterpart; however, they should of had a similar personality, as they apparently did anyways. Natsu should have approached and tried to be best friends once more with EdoLisanna, but she explains that she is not the Lisanna he once knew. However, she sees how saddened he is, and feels bad for him and his situation.

Lucy Ashley Profile Image

Sorry, but Lucy Ashley should not have played a major role in this arc... at all

Later, when Natsu, Wendy, Happy and Carla leave to head to the capital, EdoLisanna should have been the one to accompany them. NOT EdoLucy... EdoLisanna. My reason for this is because, looking back, EdoLucy's role could really have been played by anyone: Her only real action was to feel the Earth Land Fairy Tail resolve and convince the guild to fight, and I think any of the Edo-characters could have done that. In my eyes, EdoLucy was only used to involve some comedy between her and Lucy.

Anyways, EdoLisanna saves the group and promises to take them to the capital. She fulfills EdoLucy's role, but, along the way she and Natsu have some personal time together. During this moment, Natsu confesses everything that he ever wanted to tell Lisanna, but couldn't: his guilt that he could have saved her, the fact that she meant a lot to him, anything. There, during this time, EdoLisanna tells Natsu that he should respect what Lisanna once said: "All living things eventually die; it's unavoidable. But as long as you remember, it will live on in your heart forever."

At this point also, EdoLisanna should have conveyed that, even though she knows she isn't Natsu's Lisanna, she believes Lisanna would want him to live on always remembering her, and protect his friends. EdoLisanna would finally offer Natsu the closure he needs to move on from Lisanna. EdoLisanna provides that almost "last moment" Natsu always deserved to have with the real Lisanna: a time where he can say everything that is holding him back... Let it all out, and move on.

Finally, at the end of the arc when everyone is returning to EL through the Anima, EdoLisanna takes Natsu's hand and says something like, "Even though your Lisanna is gone, don't forget her. I know I'm not her, but if you ever feel lonely, look to the sky and know that here, I -Lisanna- am living and happy."

Soon after, Natsu finds Mirajane and Elfman at Lisanna's grave and conveys this message to them. Though saddened, both Strauss siblings find happiness in the fact that Lisanna's words are living on in their hearts, and that somewhere, there is a Lisanna who is happy.

So, that's my take on what should of happened, but where does this leave the rest of the story?? Weeeeell:

Mira fights Azuma

Sorry, but this would have been 100x cooler if Mirajane was actually trying.. not protecting Lisanna >__>

Tenrou Island: Lisanna's role could have been filled by anyone in my eyes. I found Lisanna was only brought into the story to serve as Azuma's puppet in his fight against Mirajane, but that was all. In all honesty, Juvia could have declared -after finding out she couldn't pair with Gray- that she was going to work alone and refuse to partner with another. This would fulfill her role in the story, as she could still lose to Erza and then fight Meredy and so on. As for Mirajane, she could still fight Azuma and lose. In my eyes this would have been a better fight anyways, as Mashima could have extended it greatly and shown the two really going at it without Mira being distracted. Mira's falling would have been more epic for Azuma (rather than her just giving up) and it would still make sense due to Mira already being drained of Magic power due to the tasks before.

Grand Magic Games: Lisanna doesn't even do anything in this arc!! She could have been replaced by ANYONE! Plus, as a note, this could have made for Mirajane and Yukino's relationship to be MUCH deeper, as Mira would have seen Yukino as Lisanna even more.

Tartarus: I can't judge this so far as I don't know what is going to happen :( However, just from what we know I'm sure Elfman would have been distraught strangling anyone, so again I don't think Lisanna is needed; rather, again >__> she is just causing distress and not doing ANYTHING productive.


Lisanna, better in death

Sooooo, this is my take on the Lisanna issue. In summary, I feel that Lisanna has done nothing to explain her awkward return, and there are other things that could have been done instead that would have gotten the characters to where they are now, and developed them even better.

As I said to Fi in a present I gave her: Lisanna teaches us about death.

I feel that that should have been Lisanna's role in the series. Yes, she would be dead, but her message through death would have been one of the strongest in Fairy Tail. Alas, it seems that even that message is too good for her.

From here on out, I can only hope that she does SOMETHING in the series; though, looking at what she has achieved in 2 and a bit arcs, I'm thinking she won't do much. As for the defense that she returned to be with Natsu... Just... no >__> Natsu and Lucy at this stage obviously have a stronger connection, and I see nothing romantic between Natsu and Lisanna anymore. Again, her purpose in being a partner for Natsu occurred before she died, and her return has not changed this at all.

Welp, that's the end folks :) What do you think? I can already hear the Lisanna fanboys/girls teeth grinding, so *sighs* go ahead and release your hate upon me in the comments.

If you like, tell me who your least favourite character in Fairy Tail is. And no, don't just give a one-sentence reason why. Rather, tell me how you would re-write them to make them better, whilst still fitting them into the story as it is.

A gold star to everyone who actually managed to read through this rant, but, as you probably know, I've been meaning to get it off my chest for a while ;D

Carrot out~

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