With the latest arc revealing yet another (this time, the tenth) of the Zodiac spirits, Lucy is getting very close to having the complete set. But what about the remaining 2 Zodiacs?? When will they appear and what powers would you like them to possess??

The final 2 are Pisces and Libra.

Libra is also known as the scales, so I'd like her (gave her a gender there, sorry) to have some sort of power to do with weight or equality. Maybe she could alter the weight of people (fat Lucy lol) by making them thinner or larger. Or perhaps a different sort of weight, like mass, making people able to float or sink.

Pisces is a little harder. It is known as the twin fish and I can't help but think of Aquarius every time Pisces comes up because I relate the two to water. I would love it if Pisces could be seperate from Aquarius. What I think would be hilarious though is if Pisces turned out to be the Magikarp of the twelve Zodiac, so every time Lucy summoned it it would just flail around pointlessly saying it's name:

Lucy: Open, Gate of the Twin Fish, PISCES!!

Pisces: *flails doing nothing* pisces Pisces PISCES!!

Lucy: WTF!?! LAME!!

But I don't think this would be as the 12 Zodiac are rare keys and as such probably all very powerful *sad face*. So maybe Pisces could do something cool, like allowing people to breath underwater??

But that's it for my ideas. What do you think??

Also feel free to say what you would like them to look like (*note* Libra is described as the only Zodiac to not be related to a living creature) or how Lucy comes by them. Is she going to have to battle for them or will they come into her possession as Sagittarius did??

And probably more important, will something awesome happen when (I'm sorry, IF) she gets them all??

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