Sooooo... Ladies, gentlemen and... whatever the heck the rest of you are... it's that time of the year again. That's right, that time of the year!!

Mega: Time for a good Fairy Tail chapter? o__O
Leli: We publish the Sorcerer Mag on time??
Jak: I... take a shower? ( .__.)

No you fucktards, it's time for the seasonal anime (or, really, animeh) review! Which, recently, earned itself its own blog! (Mainly because scrolling through one comment thread was torturous and some bitchy anon that wouldn't stop whining, but anyways)

Moving on! For those of you new here, Hi! I'm Carry and we use our seasonal animeh review to rant, rave, and generally talk about all of the anime we watched over the last season. We give our favourites, our least favourites, our favourite OPs and EDs, and what we are totally looking forward to for the next season. It's a great place to see what you missed, see what you definitely shouldn't have missed, and talk about anime news in general. So, if you watched even one series over the last season, or just wanna chat, drop us a comment.

Without further ado though, here's my outlook on everything I saw this season. As always, scores here are raw, rounded for my MAL page :D

Aaaaand... heck, that's that from me :D Gods, this took ages to type up, but I expect everyone to do the same in the comments XD Hopefully many of you felt slightly the same as me in regards to the above anime, but, if not, argue away!! :P

So, up to you now. What did you like? Dislike? What would you recommend? Fire away! Just please be sure to either skip spoilers or black them out with our colour code ;)

(As for next season, well, ngl the list looks a little dry tbh. The only two catching my immediate eye on synopsis alone are Bungou Stray Dogs and Mayoiga, which, funnily enough, are apparently both mysteries XD Haha, guess we'll see how it goes ^__^)

Carry out... bitches!

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