Okay, so Jak-san is still inactive and I'm figuring if I don't get a blog out about the chapter we are going to lose so much random-venting-omgness-something time.


Uhhhh. Was it just me or was this chapter kind of... flat after all the supermegafoxyawesomehotness that we've been getting recently?? The chapter was good...don't get me wrong, but I think I wanted something more...

Well it started with the fact that the new chapter had like 27 pages. So I was thinking "SAWEEEEEET! Extra long chapter ftw!". Turns out the first 7 pages were a recap of how the GMG system works...bleck.

But we get to see the first task, which is basically like Where's of those annoying Where's Wally's where there is a whole group of Wallys and you have to find the certain Wally. So kind of like this...

Natsus Little Talk

...only worse. It's a pretty cool idea though, because the participants have to find one another whilst not being found...and not attacking clones by accident...

So, Juvia is already sucking because of course she just wants to have all the Gray clones in the task to herself...damn she's cute :3

And then there's that Nulpting guy, who seems to be using a hack (probably chams) of sorts to constantly find Gray. We also get to see him use some Magic, which looks like a creepy-a-fied version of Makarov's Titan Magic, where he is all spiky and Frankenstein-ishy...not that he wasn't weird enough looking already...

So, we shall have to wait and see where this goes, but so far I'm not impressed with the Fairy Tail teams, because they are sucking - not that them losing for once is a bad thing, but I want the B Team to do well @____@. I do hope we get to see the other participants and that it doesn't just focus on Gray and Juvia and Nulpting and we only find out the others scores at the end of the task, but I can only wait and see.

Though there was a part of this chapter that I liked, and that was seeing Ultear and Meredy. I particularly liked the comment that Ultear made about meeting Fairy Tail not being a waste for Jellal and Erza... RIGHT ON ULTEAR!!

Well that's my thoughts at least. I hope Team Fairy Tail A and B don't fail this round, but it seems like at least one of them will.


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