No, seriously... WOW!!

Well, we finally know all of the competing guilds in the Grand Magic Games!! And what do you know, my last weeks prediction that Fairy Tail had managed to secure a B Team was correct, even if I didn't correctly predict the people competing - see KavalryMaster's chapter 267 blog.

BUT BUT BUT... Laxus is competing!! And Gajeel!! And Mira!! And Juvia!! And if this supermegafoxyawesomehot team wasn't already freakin' awesome enough, Jellal is competing disguised as Mystogan!! I mean, why the hell didn't I think of that!?!

Though I have to admit when Mystogan/Jellal first entered I was all "OMG!! How the hell did he get back to Earthland!?!" and then had a real facepalm moment when I found out it was Jellal....But, come on!! JELLAL IS COMPETING!! It's as if Mashima has taken all of my wildest ideas and actually put a solid written form to them :)

So, sorry Fairy Tail Team A (gomen Erza), but as soon as Team B entered you completely lost my support... Team B is just too sweet to not support.

However, I just hope that Mashima doesn't pull a heap of plot armour to get Natsu's Team to win over everyone else and the B Team, but this is Mashima we are talking about...

>waves hand< Oh, and there is going to be the first task (lol, what is this, the Triwizard Tournament) in next weeks chapter, apparently titled "Vanish into the Stillness", so that sounds interesting.

But...I'm still high over this B Team. *sighs* Too cool... too cool...

Oh! And while we are playing the 'Spot-The-Retarded-Thing-Mashima-Has-Drawn-In-This-Chapter-Game', while I couldn't find anything as bad as last weeks, there is a man on page 15 (bottom right panel, in the middle) who looks like Faust in my eyes XD

Well!?! What did you guys think!?!... B Team FTW right??

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