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  • I live in Australia BAYBEE!!
  • I was born on June 15
  • My occupation is being Jellal's biggest fangirl... a full time job :3
  • I am waaaaaay out of your league ;D
  • TheCarrotSaysYumYum

    Sooooo... Ladies, gentlemen and... whatever the heck the rest of you are... it's that time of the year again. That's right, that time of the year!!

    Mega: Time for a good Fairy Tail chapter? o__O
    Leli: We publish the Sorcerer Mag on time??
    Jak: I... take a shower? ( .__.)

    No you fucktards, it's time for the seasonal anime (or, really, animeh) review! Which, recently, earned itself its own blog!

    Moving on! For those of you new here, Hi! I'm Carry and we use our seasonal animeh review to rant, rave, and generally talk about all of the anime we watched over the last season. We give our favourites, our least favourites, our favourite OPs and EDs, and what we are totally looking forward to for the next season. It's a great place to see what you missed, see wh…

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  • TheCarrotSaysYumYum

    Well, I saw a few people in the comments humming and hawing over whether to review or not, so sorry to all of them but I feel a deep need as the wiki's biggest Jerza fangirl to review this omake :D I have to go out in a mo so I'll make this quick, but I really liked this omake! ^__^

    So it's Christmas and everyone has raided Lucy's house once more to throw a celebration party XD And once again I'm sure many of us are hit with a lovely sense of FT nostalgia from this alone. Everyone gets drunk and the girls go back into OVA 4 mode with their respective drunk states. I should probably state now that out of the 5, I only like Erza and Levy when they're drunk. Guess I just don't like clingy drunks *glances at Juvia and Lucy* and Wendy shouldn't…

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  • TheCarrotSaysYumYum

    Hey guys! I was meant to review this last night before I went to bed, but then raw spoilers for AkaYona chapter 102 were released and sufficed to say it was "Fairy Tail: Zero Fucks Were Given Then" after that.

    Anyways, I haven't reviewed FT0 in a while just due to others doing it first or being too late to read and therefore the hype having passed on the Wiki. Tbh, I can't remember many details of the last chapters, so bear with me if I get anything confuddled here D;

    Having all learnt Magic (somehow? quickly?) in the earlier chapters, Mavis tells the group that she wants to free Magnolia, which is impoverished and under the Blue Skull Master's (Geoffrey, LOL that's almost as bad as Keith) control. Aaaand, am I the only one with Yury here? Yu…

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  • TheCarrotSaysYumYum


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  • TheCarrotSaysYumYum

    Bad timing for a Zero release just after a normal FT chapter, but who am I to complain? With normal FT being so dry for me no thanks to the Natsu and Gray focus at the moment, I would never turn down a chapter of FT0 ;)

    So our group of dorks are walking to Magnolia... because... because... well I assume the idiots are broke XD For some reason, this whole situation is just reminding me of what CrimeS is like. I really believe they would have similar interactions as they move from dark guild to dark guild and stay on the run. The group find food and wood (Omg... seriously though... Precht's face with that deer is awesome XD) and camp about just having fun. Yury's silly stories (that seem very Indiana Jones-ish) sound hilarious, but more than…

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