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September 5, 2012
  • Tetsuryuu

    The identity of "Shadow" is the Shadow Dragon, Skiadrum himself.

    Remember Gajeel say that Rogue's true name is Rayos/Reyos[sic], and he was his former disciple? While this was pretty strange and seemingly came outta nowhere, it makes a nice clue as to who Rogue is. So my theory is as follows:

    While Metallicana was still training Gajeel, the former met "Rogue", or Rayos, and offered him to become his student. Then, through Metallicana, Rayos ended up knowing Skiadrum, the Shadow Dragon.

    Rayos was taught Dragon Slayer magic by him, then someday (perhaps because of their thirst for power), he ended up killing his "parent", and subsequently absorbing his magic as Lacrima.

    Unknown to Rayos, A part of Skiadrum survived (perhaps inside the Lacrima he…

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  • Tetsuryuu

    Source: Tomodachi 100

    According to the Anime Guild Vol. 54 (A special page in the manga focused on the FT anime), the new opening song will be called Fairy Tail ~The Promised Day~ (フェアリーテイル~約束の日~), sung by the person who did RAVE's first opening theme, Yonekura Chihiro. The ending theme will be called We're the Stars, sung by Terakawa Aimi .

    Mashima said via Twitter that the new OP forebodes an amazing fate... although "fate" doesn't look so great if we go by the latest chapters :)

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  • Tetsuryuu

    Source: Tomodachi 100

    According to this blog, the last chapter had a special page dedicated to the FT Anime, and it confirmed the Anime will continue into the Grand Magic Games Arc, starting on October! As for the new characters' VA:

    Sting - Takahiro Sakurai Rogue - Ken'ichi Suzumura Lector - Akiko Yajima Frosch - Satomi Koorogi

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