I don't think this will have a good ending... I have a feeling that Natsu will die in the end and the person who will kill him is Lucy. Like a tragic thing... I TOTALLY SUPPORT NALU! It's the biggest ship in my life and I have a feeling that it's going to sink. Theoretically, after the last few chapters, I believe that Lucy is the strongest or 'contains' the most magic powers, or holds the most powerful thing. I guess she could even be stronger than her mother, Layla or maybe even stronger than her ancestor, Anna. ... And also I think Laxus is the strongest. Natsu is already capable of killing Zeref, so that makes Zeref's level lower than Natsu. Natsu and Gray are about the same. BUT THEN! Laxus is stronger than Natsu... But he's just dying... THIS IS SO NOT GONNA END WELL! Hiro Mashima is either going to end it terribly with the dragon slayers dead OR end it with Lucy saying "Oh, it was just a dream" and Natsu waking her up like "LUSHEE, LETS GO ON AN ADVENTURE!" with Happy following behind him like "AYE, SIR!", knowing he loves trolling us readers going through an emotional-never-ending-roller-coaster.

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