The Ncf Spirit

by AmandaDark

It is 11:00 PM, Amanda takes off her new beloved, sky blue, kimano. “I’ll sleep in you tonight,” she promises to it before going to the shower room to take a bath. But, OH! Someone gets into her room through the window – IT IS NCF!!! “Hmmm...Oh!!!” He notices the beautiful kimano lying like a princess on Amanda’s bed. He looks around to make sure no one is looking. No one....oh well. He puts the kimano on himself and shouts “THE SPIRIT NCF IS BACK!!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!!” and then he starts dancing the butt dance. Rem is in the living room watching TV. He hears funny noises coming from Amanda’s room. While opening the door to her room he says “Emmy is that you?” Then he stops, and feels hot anger coming out of him – for, there is Ncf in Amanda’s blue kimano dancing a butt dance and singing, “Oh yeah, oh yeah!” not noticing anything. “What are you doing in Emmy’s room???!!!” Rem asks. Ncf stops cold, “N-nothing” is his answer. Meanwhile, Amanda is finished with her shower. While drying herself, she hears some sounds coming out of her room. What could it be? Curling her pink towel around her, she slowly opens her room’s door. What she sees there is Rem and Ncf fighting for her kimano: “I’m Emmy’s brother, so I’m only allowed to touch her stuff!!” cries Rem. “I’m the Ncf spirit, so I’m allowed to touch everything I want!!” shouts Ncf. “WHAT.....ARE…..YOU…..TWO…..DOING…..IN…..MY…..ROOM?” asks the very angry Amanda. The two fighting figures suddenly stop cold. They slowly turn around to see the wet and angry Amanda, standing there in her pink towel. “It was his idea!” says Rem, and gives Ncf the kimano, then runs out of the room through the window, leaving the puzzled “spirit” there. “What are you waiting for? MOVE!!!” shouts Amanda at Ncf. He runs away through the window, too. When the two are gone, Emmy approaches to her poor kimano. “~Sigh~ guess you are going to wash tonight, too.” Says Amanda and picks up her kimano. She comes to the bathroom and starts washing the piece of clothing while cursing Rem and Ncf.

-The End-

Hope you like it :)

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