Hello everybody! It's my first post in wiki but it has been long time I have been reading it. So I've noticed that Brain/Zero is currently have status "deceased". Yet I don't think we have enough information to be sure of it. What are reasons to think he is dead? I guess there are 3 of them:

1. Brain was stabbed by Cobra on this page and part of his body is missing. But it looks like effect of attack rather then true wound. On the next page he split some blood but it doesn't tell us his part of body is trully missing. And on this page his cape is undamaged despite on the 21rst page it looks like it has been ripped apart.

2. Brain lies in the ground unconscious during all fight with Jellal. But he can be unconscious and alive as well.

3. In Midnight's illusion Cobra looks surprised that Zero survived. So, it made readers think Brain is done for after illusion gone.

But Cobra was stabbed by Brain pretty hard last time and now he is alive and well. So it means Brain is not necessarily dead. And I don't think Jellal will let him die and left him without giving help (Jellal want's to be a good guy after all). And Brain/Zero is too popular to die like that. He needs at least one more big fight.

You ideas?

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