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  • Suzaku of the Bells

    Kagura is one of many characters who are introduced in the Grand Magic Games arc for the first time, and the only memorable one from outside Sabertooth. She gives off a very "don't mess with me, or I'll burn down your village" vibe, which we got a taste of early on in the series from Kagura's rival herself, Erza. Over time, Erza mellowed out, but it seemed like for Kagura that stick was shoved up pretty deep. Arguably the angstiest character in all of FT, with more emotional baggage than an Oracion Seis group therapy session, it was hard to like Kagura at first. With her oft-lauded swordsmanship skills, it was easy to write her power off as mere hype, thinking "pff, Erza's got this on lockdown." After all, we thought, if someone as weak as…

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  • Suzaku of the Bells

    So I know I said that I'd do this every week, but I lied. It's basically going to just be whenever I feel like it, and last week I didn't, because the anime and the manga were both bleh.

    Today we'll be looking at Fairy Tail's most successful stalker: Juvia Lockser. It's safe to say that Juvia is one of the most popular Fairy Tail characters, and rightly so. One of those "I used to be your enemy, but now I'm your best friend" types, it didn't take Juvia long to go from Point A to Point B. Compared to fellow turnarounds Laxus and Jellal, Juvia only took a few episodes to become a Team Natsu ally, where the other two took two seasons (admittedly Jellal was comatose for half a season and in prison for another, but it still took awhile before he …

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  • Suzaku of the Bells

    Kon'nichiwa, tomodachi! This week I begin my new blog series: the Minstrel Who Sings to the Red Moon! In this blog I will take one character each week and do an in-depth analysis and rate them along certain criteria. In keeping with the spirit of Rufus, every blog post shall include a haiku dedicated to the character of the week. Enjoy!

    First up, we have everyone's favorite, pint-sized member of Blue Pegasus: Ichiya Vandalei Kotobuki! A small man with a big heart, Ichiya is often maligned due to his off-putting forwardness and sparkle. It's really no surprise, as even the girl in grey possesses no armor that can protect her against the spine-tingling parfum of Ichiya-san. Indeed, Ichiya is perhaps one of the most consistently surprising chara…

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