Setting: Harujoin Key Characters: Lucy, Natzu, Salamander aka Bora Sub Characters: Councilors, Happy, Goons, Aquarius Key Moments:

           It opens with the councilor at a meeting.
           Natzu and Happy (a talking blue cat) are in Harujoin.
           A mage called Lucy is in Harujoin and meets the Salamander who had a spell on her.
           Natzu breaks the spell.
           Salamander invites Lucy to a party on a boat and promises to take her to join Fairy Tail.
           The party was fake to make young girls to get on the boat. 
           Lucy's keys are throw overboard.
           Natzu and Happy come to save Lucy.
           Happy gets Lucy off the boat leaving Natzu behind.
           Lucy finds her keys and summons Aquarius who fires water at the boat moving it to the coast.
           Salamander attacks Natzu with fire magic but it doesn't affect Natzu and he eats it. ( yes you did read it right.)
           1 of the salamander's goons realize so Natzu is and that he is the real salamander of Fairy Tail. 
           In the end Harujoin's port is destroyed and the military came.
           Natzu grabs Lucy and tells her he would take her to Fairy Tail.
           It closes with the councilors at a meeting and Natzu, Lucy and Happy are outside of Fairy Tail.

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