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Love for the Minor Characters

My main love in Fairy Tail is Reedus Jonah, a minor character. In my fanfiction, Voix, I try to focus on the minor characters and make the major characters the new minors. Primarily it's all about Reedus, but the others play a part in holding the story together. I hope we're able to get more back story on the minor characters someday if Hiro Mashima isn't too busy with the main characters. I love you Reedus! Macao! Wakaba! Warren! Max! Vijeeter! Nab! Alzack! Bisca! Laki! Romeo! Asca! And of course the poor super-minor characters who barely show up in the anime/manga at all: Kinana (though it looks like she's filled herself into the anime), Mickey, Tono, Mikuni, Joy, Wang, and Chico!

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