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  • Stone Roger

    I just downloaded and watched Fairy Tail Episode 101.I get the felling that they have somekind of relationship with each other.The following theories like :They are brothers or Friends.etc make somethings clear.

    Natsu and zeref encounter each other, while they encounter the Natsu' s scarf becomes black from white protecting Natsu from Back magic of Zeref.

    I get to the things like Zeref is being controlled by Acnologia.He said that once he witnessed many people dying in war. He also became cursed and helplessly started to take the souls of others without his own intention.This explains some curse like acnologia taking control over him. The next question to be asked by me is about Hades (Second master of Fairy guild).I can get to the feeling …

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  • Stone Roger

    Just a theory, but I think the boy is MACAO'S SON. And the New Arc is about finding the "Lost" fairy tail wizards.

    WTF is that twist of story, its interesting yet i feel irritated, i was like :O

    7 years? seriously, how old is natsu now then? ARGh,

    Any theories/comments guys?

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