Hey guys, welcome to my first blog.

Nowadays we know only two of the Ten Wizard Saints (Makarov and Jura). Thinking about in all of the characters already shown in the series:

1. Who do you think that can also be part of the Ten Wizard Saints?

2. What the rank order? (Jura said, in the X784 year, that even if he was a Saint Wizard, he was the tenth one and Makarov was in a higher rank.)

For example:

1. I think that Jet, Droy, Wakaba, Romeo and Laki are also unknown Saints Wizard.


1st - Jet (Strongest)

2nd - Droy

3rd - Romeo

4th - Wakaba

5th - Laki

6th - ??

7th -??

8th -??

9th - Jura

10th - Makarov (Weakest)

Of course that it's just an example, no one with a well-working mind would say that. Please, tell me your ideas. :D

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