Who's your Favorite Character and least favorite and why? It can be from any guild.

My favorite is natsu but i wanna talk about my other favorite Erza! She's strong and agood role model even tho shes a bit scary but thats what makes her so cool :3 Her chracter development was really good and she has a touching backstory. Her re:quip magic is really powerful too. If I were her I'd walk around in the purgatory armour or any other cute outfit (gothloli) just for the hell of it. xD She's so funny when she beats up gray and natsu and me and her both like sweets and shortcake lol. :D

Least favorite is Ultear. She doesn't care that her mother is gone and she tricked jellal into being bad. And a random thought : in a recent chapter she went all ape on Mereldy cause she called her Ul. I mean can you be? Whenever i look at her i think..."one punch is not enough -__-"

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