• Springsky

    So I know fairy tail isnt a romance based manga but i know im not the only one hoping for relationships to develop. I don't want it to be sappy love story of anything but it's not unlike Mashima to spinkle some romance here or there in his manga. He did it in Rave and in almost all his one-shots! I mean GrayxJuvia and ErzaxJellal is basically out there. I'm pretty sure it's going towards LucyxNatsu. Just look at the one-shots(and yes they count as part ofthe me at least) Fateful Encounter, Beware of guys who show a keen interest, Coca-Cola, and Sakura Blossoms. They just scream LucyxNatsu! And Lucy and Nastu have the same feel of Mashimas previous main chracter couple Ellie and Haru. Mashima is just dragging the romance out. …

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  • Springsky

    What would you change?

    January 16, 2011 by Springsky

    If you could change anything from Fairy Tail what would it be. It could be characters, plots, even the art work.
    I personally woundn't change much. I would want to make Lucy more powerful though...I like her chracter and all but right now shes just there amoungst all these really powerful mages. I want Mashima to make Lucy a total badass.xD

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  • Springsky

    Favorite Character?

    December 29, 2010 by Springsky

    Who's your Favorite Character and least favorite and why? It can be from any guild.

    My favorite is natsu but i wanna talk about my other favorite Erza! She's strong and agood role model even tho shes a bit scary but thats what makes her so cool :3 Her chracter development was really good and she has a touching backstory. Her re:quip magic is really powerful too. If I were her I'd walk around in the purgatory armour or any other cute outfit (gothloli) just for the hell of it. xD She's so funny when she beats up gray and natsu and me and her both like sweets and shortcake lol. :D

    Least favorite is Ultear. She doesn't care that her mother is gone and she tricked jellal into being bad. And a random thought : in a recent chapter she went all ape…

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