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  • SoulRise99

    I know alot of people are pissed at how bad of how the series ended. So I'm basing my opinion on how FT should've ended or made better. You are free to comment down below on how you think FT should've ended or made better. So here:

    1. Various parts that were rushed should've gotten more time
    2. No asspulls on certain characters *cough* August
    3. Rewriting Natsu's book actually doesn't work
    4. Instead of killing off Zeref and Mavis, their curse is lifted
    5. Ravines of Time doesn't come into existence
    6. Natsu goes on rampage in Etherious form
    7. Natsu kills Lucy (NaLu is fanon, not a real thing)
    8. Acno kills Natsu
    9. Natsu gives Wendy his powers resulting in this
    10. Wendy fights Acno
    11. Wendy and Acno kill each other off
    12. last but not least: FT and AE kill each other of

    That's what I think. …

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  • SoulRise99

    Here's the next chapter

    Liked it. Didn't see Dragon Cry, but it all makes sense now if Acnologia's back story. I literally thought that was Wendy at first. But realized it was Sonya from Dragon Cry.

    But, I have to say that I understand and feel bad for Acno. Certain Dragons are gentle and others aren't.

    BTW, I think even creating a ship with magic won't help either because he'll just eat it anyways

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  • SoulRise99

    Similar to my recent post, who/what was your favorite character/race in Fairy Tail?

    If that character/race isn't there, comment it.

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  • SoulRise99

    Since Fairy Tail is coming to an end, what are your favorite powers and abilities?

    If one isn't in the poll, comment it.

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  • SoulRise99

    Similar to my other fanon poll, this one talks about which of my powers & abilities could've been put in the manga/anime? Remember that there are links to them and don't vandalize them or you're blocked. If you don't like them, click other.

    Here are the links:

    • Eternal
    • Eternal Darkness
    • Eternities
    • Shape-Shifting
    • Hybrid-Shifting
    • Monster Slayer Magic
    • Fairy Slayer Magic
    • Fire Sky Dragon Queen Mode
    • Gale Curse
    • Purgatory Curse
    • Cursed Eye
    • Fire Monster Slayer Magic
    • Sage Dragon Slayer Magic
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