aka Soul of Demise

  • I live in Bristol, CT/Palermo, IT
  • I was born on April 28
  • My occupation is Founder of CrossoverComics Wikia
  • I am Male
  • SoulRise99

    Similar to my recent post, who/what was your favorite character/race in Fairy Tail?

    If that character/race isn't there, comment it.

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  • SoulRise99

    Since Fairy Tail is coming to an end, what are your favorite powers and abilities?

    If one isn't in the poll, comment it.

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  • SoulRise99

    Similar to my other fanon poll, this one talks about which of my powers & abilities could've been put in the manga/anime? Remember that there are links to them and don't vandalize them or you're blocked. If you don't like them, click other.

    Here are the links:

    • Eternal
    • Eternal Darkness
    • Eternities
    • Shape-Shifting
    • Hybrid-Shifting
    • Monster Slayer Magic
    • Fairy Slayer Magic
    • Fire Sky Dragon Queen Mode
    • Gale Curse
    • Purgatory Curse
    • Cursed Eye
    • Fire Monster Slayer Magic
    • Sage Dragon Slayer Magic
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  • SoulRise99

    Hey guys,
    In your honest opinion, which of my fanon characters do you think could've been in the manga/anime? FYI the characters will be linked, if you vandalize the pages, you might get blocked. If you don't like any of them, click other.

    Here are the links to my characters:

    • Eien Marvell/eclipsed self
    • Kyle Dragneel
    • Kyle Katagara
    • Kauiki
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  • SoulRise99

    1. Erza and Irene moment
    2. August, Zeref, and Mavis family
    3. Anna Heartfilia is alive?
    4. Acnologia has no attribute! (Bloody Impossible Mate)
    and last, but not least, 5. The One Magic brings Makarov back to life!? >:(
    Literally, that's the worst arc I've read in the manga! There's no way Mashima will make this better. Oh, wait, Natsu dies!!! Hooray! Now it's far more worse, well not as bad as NaLu moments that suck as shit.
    Mashima, if you're out there, make replace Alvarez with something better than that piece of crap! Please!!!!!!!!

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