Ok, After reading chapter 526, i'm not surprised at Larcade being a demon from the book of zeref as that was obvious, once again it makes the mistake of putting a character into a situation that doesn't fit they story or could have been done better with August. The fucking child of Mavis is flat out stupid and i hope its a plot twist that will be a plot twist where he isn't and Zeref knows this and he knows August thinks he's his farther and pulls some equally dumb explanation to why he is not, ultimately crushing Augusts hopes and giving him some mental attack as i hate the character so much.

We didn't see any Acno in this chapter or Mavis which are out of Natsu, Mavis,Zeref and Acno who are the last remaining hope for good story as he has not screwed up on any dumb ass lore for those 4, weren't shown and everyone wants to see the fan service of someone equaling Gildarts power, an old generation Fairy Tail that has been underwhelmed from the get go, it turns out he is useless against August and August himself is pretty weak as any solid object or Holder type magic works against him. I hope August gets defeated in a non-epic way as trying to make a Big fight with him as lost all hope as he is the WORST villain to come out of this show that has received a back story. I don't know where he went wrong as people like Jellal and Ultear's backstory and motivations where executed perfectly which would tie in with other Arcs and drive them for the rest of their life. Furthermore, i would like to see how Precht gave birth to the "child" from a corpse that should have died when Mavis died. I also don't know how a child could know about his parents who re dead and hidden from the world from MEMORIES. I can't remember what i did last year let alone when i was in the womb. And the part where he could find Zeref around the Age of 10 or under when i assume Precht would have looked for but couldn't find him.

This is why i think this fail of a character that not also tarnishes zeref and mavis, two great characters, isn't really the child of Zeref as it makes 0 sense both logic and in terms of moving a story forward. but Hiro as made a strong case of him being it as the age matches up as he should be around his 80-90s and the page of him being a baby infront of Precht, tha fact that zeref said he looked like Mavis and the Special time with a girl

File:Sex zeref.png

But then there is the case of


And i think someone who has lived for 400 years, knows he did it with Mavis and sometime after that stumbles upon a child that looks like her. and as Precht says

File:Child 2.png

how does Zeref, a master in magic, who taught Mavis magic and himself not feel this with the 80 years being with August. One final complaint is that August MUST know of zeref's power so when he gets daddy issues about not being loved, isn't that because Zeref doesn't want to, you know mass murder cause he values human life... I don't think the Arc as a whole is as bad as everyone says it is, though its close to the worst arc if it wasn't for the fanservice of near full cast and OP battles. But the development and characters themselves of most of the 12 Spriggans is just such bad writing and August is the worst out of all of them and he decide to make that one THE MAIN CHARACTER TO FOCUS ON! (as well as Irene, but she wasn't so bad)

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