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July 7, 2015
  • Sohatsu

    Why not Wendy?

    July 9, 2015 by Sohatsu

    All Dragon Slayers have motion sickness. If so, then why did Wendy not have it until chapter 441? Is it that only Dragon Slayers with more than average power have motion sickness? Because Gajeel didn't seem to have it either before chapter 276, did he? After all, he increased his power by training for 3 months before the Grand Magic Games...

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  • Sohatsu

    Natsu gets terrible motion sickness in all the vehicles he rides in. But in chapter 425, in the scene in which Natsu and Lucy are travelling to Sabretooth, Natsu is riding on some animal, yet he is perfectly fine. Is it because he is riding on an animal? Or is it that he simply forgot he had motion sickness?

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  • Sohatsu

    Sting turned back to his regular size because of Yukino, who did it by Libra's help. But, after Fairy Tail defeated Avatar and Sting and Rogue came into view, Yukino wasn't around then, was she?!! And even if she was, was Libra still controlling the gravity around Sting? If not, then how did he manage to turn back to normal?!

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