I was extremely surprised at the latest Chapter when Wendy used the Dragon Force of her own will like Natsu had in Chapter 411. Now I wonder if we'll finally get to see Gajeel's own Dragon Force as well.

There are still a few things that make me wonder if he can or can't use it yet though. Such things are:

  • He has yet to use it, so I wonder if he hasn't been able to learn to use it like Natsu and Wendy because he's never used it. Like you need to have used it once before you can learn to freely use it so you know how to activate it.
  • It seems like ever since the Dragons left their Dragon Slayers this has been possible, like it was part of their antibodies to keep them from fully becoming dragons like Acnologia. So its possible that means Gajeel might have access to it, but needs the right push.
  • If we know Gajeel then he's definitely been training the past year, that might have been enough or not enough at all going by his current job.

I hope to see Gajeel's Dragon Force soon, but the question is can he do so yet? It seems like ever since the Tartarus arc there are more questions about the Dragon Force and Dragon Slayers we still don't understand, even Acnologia himself is a giant question as we originally believed Zeref was the reason Acnologia became a dragon but since we have learned that Zeref wasn't involved in making him change, maybe he was responsible for the power Acnologia gained though.

Hopefully these answers get revealed soon, especially the story behind the Dragon lacrima.

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