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  • Sky-Dragoon-Twilight

    I was extremely surprised at the latest Chapter when Wendy used the Dragon Force of her own will like Natsu had in Chapter 411. Now I wonder if we'll finally get to see Gajeel's own Dragon Force as well.

    There are still a few things that make me wonder if he can or can't use it yet though. Such things are:

    • He has yet to use it, so I wonder if he hasn't been able to learn to use it like Natsu and Wendy because he's never used it. Like you need to have used it once before you can learn to freely use it so you know how to activate it.
    • It seems like ever since the Dragons left their Dragon Slayers this has been possible, like it was part of their antibodies to keep them from fully becoming dragons like Acnologia. So its possible that means Gajeel…
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  • Sky-Dragoon-Twilight

    I've noticed recently that people have mentioned that in Fairy Tail Zero, Zeira might actually be dead. So I went and re-read every chapter starting from Chapter 2 and I noticed a few details. Then I noticed someone mention she might be like Mavis in the main manga's time.

    After that, I found four things about her status that hint mainly towards her being alive. These 4 things are:

    1. Mavis has been shown to see her, hear her voice and even feel Zeira touching her. And at the same time no matter how many times I re-read a chapter or re-watch an episode where Mavis' ghost form is present, I've never seen anyone actually make physical contact with Mavis' ghost. While the Fairy Tail guild can see and hear her, I think the fact Zeira's touch can…

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  • Sky-Dragoon-Twilight

    As of the latest chapter of Fairy Tail the other dragons, including Weisslogia and Skiadrum (though only as white and black silhouettes on the 2nd to last page) have appeared. Though due to the fact they were thought to be dead some users don't think their alive, so I wanted to see who thinks they've been alive and just faking their deaths and who thinks their ghosts have escaped the underworld to aid their sons.

    The things that prove that they could be alive are:

    • In the GMG arc none of the Dragon Slayers could even simply harm a Dragon with their magic. And its been said they are weaker than Dragons like Igneel, Metalicana and Grandeeney so that makes Weisslogia and Skiadrum's deaths seem odd.
    • Ingeel was inside Natsu, and right when he reve…
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  • Sky-Dragoon-Twilight

    Chapter 400 revealed the most shocking revelation I've ever seen by showing that Igneel was hiding in Natsu for the past 14 years. Since we have 7 slayers this gave me 3 theories related to all 3 generations. ~

    Theory #1, 1st Gen Slayers: The 1st generation Slayers were taught by actual Dragons and all disappeared at the same time. As Igneel revealed they hid themselves in their Slayers, the question is why? And how did Grandeeney speak to Igneel if that's the case?

    I feel the Dragons were somehow trying to bring the Dragon Slayers together, hence why Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy all joined Fairy Tail. And that may mean there's still many more Dragon Slayers as a result we haven't met yet. This also explains why the Dragon Force for each slayer l…

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  • Sky-Dragoon-Twilight

    When I first learned about Acnologia having been a human that turned into a Dragon due to Zeref and then more recently about the Etherious demons I began to wonder "could Acnologia himself be one?"

    While Acnologia is a dragon I don't think its a stretch when you consider Zeref was involved that Zeref made him a Dragon but also turned him into an Etherious Demon. Its likely that the power Acnologia gained as a result was able to dwarf Zeref's own which is why even Zeref himself fears Acnologia.

    There's some evidence to this I believe I've found, thanks to the words of Atlas Flame. He said that Igneel was unable to destroy E.N.D., while E.N.D. is now confirmed to be a Fire Demon the fact he's stated to be the strongest demon (its likely the d…

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