Okay, this will get confusing, it lacks logic in some places, seems strange and impossible, and someone may have wrote a similar thing, however i dont care. But its a blog, so i can write about that silly stuff right? Right, not that anyone can reply to that rhetorical or non-rhetorical question i just asked. This is also a vague prediction.

So. Spoiler alerts ahead, i suppose. [oh and sorry for spellign(<-- haha) mistakes]

When Natsu and Zeref first met, Zeref recognised Natsu almost immediately. If you take a look at the current arc, its about the Eclipse project, it lets whoever, go back in time, beat Zeref before he became Immortal, so the good guys can beat Zeref and Acnologia in the future, i guess, i dunno, might get a bit "Butterfly effectary" and "another movie that involves time travel" (Yeah i just quoted something that virtually cannot be quoted, thats right, nothin' you guys can do!) Ok, so i'd go ahead and obviously suggest that it was Natsu who went back intime to "defeat" Zeref. I think this because how else would Zeref know who he is? Unless they were childhood friends or something, but i doubt that because apparently natsu went more or less straight to FT after Igneel left, i dont think Natsu forgets faces often either. But anyway, i think Natsu went back in time, obviously failed for some reason but probably had a good go at fighting zeref due to his "compliment" of Natsus strength and thought Natsu could never stop him at that time. Right thats the theory, here comes the Stephen Hawking paradox like stuff. Kind of like how God couldnt have created the Universe (According to Mr Hawking anyway) Because if the Universe didnt exist, there isnt time and space, theres nothing, creation implies that there was a time of creation, a place, but when there is no time, how can there be a creation and stuff. Its weird i wont go into it, but it makes perfect sense to me and i was a below average student (note "was" im actually more intelligent now but thats another story) so it should make sense to anyone.

Okay. So if you look at the cave drawing at the end of chapter 292. Theres Ingeels scarf right? Well because that drawings clearly old, what if it depicts Natsu fighting Acnologia or something like that? I dunno. But anyway, if Natsu went back in time to beat Zeref wouldnt that make like a whole Big Bang Theory family guy episode/ Back to the future scenario. Its hard to explain, nor will i explain unless anyone asks, cos it will probably require a cup of tea, and some thinking time.

But ok. Whatever happens from this point on in FT is almost impossible. Like the Dragon Ball Z, goku dying trunks thing, in a way. So here comes complexity... Ok Future Lucy came from a horrible future right? Where the eclipse project fails and destroys things, so she goes back in time to mess with time and fix everything. Because time is constant, and is always flowing constantly, past-present-future. That Lucy would have to have come from the exact same reality that Natsu is in now (if her plan works) so basically, there is no future lucy because "IF" her plan went successfully, then she wouldnt have to go back in time because it was all fine, and a lucy from the future in her future would have done the same thing, so in every possible scenario there are two lucys, unless time itself makes it so that there is always 1 bad future so as to make 1 good future (again "if" future lucys plan works) but again its impossible for time to have two seperate realities, that co-exist like that. Because as time is always constant it provides a reality for future lucys place or something, so isnt it more involving dimensions? I dunno, think i lost even myself there. Listening to Sub Focus doesnt help.

I cba to go on. Long story short. Lucy's plan WILL fail because there would have been a future lucy always coming back, why would there be a need to come back if lucys plan works?

Thanks for reading, sorry about the red herrings and complexity. Feel free to comment, im not going to say "keep it clean" cos its virtually mainstream and repetitve and annoying. Just comment, no vulgar language, yata-yata-yata you get the message.

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