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  • Sithlord Andeddu

    Hi! I'm here again just as I promised. This time I wanna make a theory about the dragons returning in FT.

    First I think Acnologia don't come back in this arc because he decided to watch what happens between Alvarez and Ishgar. Acno will be in the next arc and he will be the final opponent.

    And now the dragons returning part. Any of you read Christopher Paolini's Eragon book and its sequels? In the books the dragons also extinct but they hide some of their eggs before they got killed by the evil king and his minions. I think something like this happened in FT. Or maybe Acno stole the eggs from the dragons before he killed them. Anyway I think Acno knows where are the eggs.

    And in the end of the Alvarez Arc someone from the Spriggan 12 or Zeref…

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  • Sithlord Andeddu

    Irene's scheme

    August 10, 2016 by Sithlord Andeddu

    I recently read the last FT chapter and something came in my mind.

    We don't know too much what Irene is capable of. So I thought what if Irene can predict the future just like Carla. Expect she predict it much more furhter. And she saw everything happen in this current arc.

    Maybe she did everything in her life on purpose to stop Zeref. We don't know what connection she has with Erza but she discarded it, so she could leave Ishgar. And I think she gave Erza to the Tower of Heaven in the first place to get rid of their tie. But as we know Erza survived the Tower of Heaven and became a powerful mage herself. Because Irene didn't expected Rob to sacrifice himself young Erza, Irene is surprised to see her alive and she want Erza to be asssssinate…

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