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    Fairy Tail Chapter 519

    January 27, 2017 by Shorya

    Well... mixed feelings about the chapter to be honest. Young Erza looks sexy on the cover. As for the chapter itself, it had less bull shit that I had prepared myself for. Erza fucked the meteorite with a broken body and then some -_-. She freaking cut a Dragon! Like seriously? But all in all, way better than Erza completely defeating Irene. Respect for Mashima for making Irene the last women standing and not have Erza defeat her which would haqe been beyond stupid even by FT's standards. I feel like the resolution of the fight was better than any other possibility. Mashima portrayed Erza's OPness while not exactly having her defeat Irene. Irene's 180 turn, Acno's surprise entry, or Saitamuhh...uh Erza's plot Armor were pretty much the onl…

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  • Shorya

    With many recent revelations in Fairy Tail and introduction of new characters, the inevitable question plagues us all - Who is the Strongest ?

    The options are :

    Zeref : Labelled as the most evil and powerful mage in history, Zeref has mastered the black arts and is immortal.Can anyone be stronger than an immortal?

    August : Part of the Spriggan 12, this old man was described by Makarov to be on another level from Zeref. With not much known about his powers everything at this point is speculation.But I doubt that he is stronger than Zeref.

    Acnologia : Acnologia was one of the first dragon slayers and a part of the Dragon Civil War. Also, known as the Black Dragon, Acnologia turned into a dragon due to overuse of dragon slayer magic. He can assum…

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