Before I begin, I want to sing a song called Best Friend *Clears throat*

"Colorful,colo-" *someone threw a rock at my face*

Ok ok I'll begin.First of all, the cover was nice.The spin-off series of those exceeds would be cute (especially Lily).Anyways, the manga starts with where the last chapter ended. With LUCY!! (drooling)

Back to the story. After that Plutogrim was destroying in the town of Magnolia including *cue choir* Cardia Cathedral which has been one of the famous landmarks in town ( they can rebuild it though hehe ). Anyways, Mard Geer talks to his whole guild that they got rid of the INTRUDERS and that the Face project can continue. But nothing gets pass the eye of the Almighty Mard Geer, which is our female heroin. He said that he will give the title "KIKOMAN" , I mean "Kyuukimon" to soldier that kills her or give prize to the "kyuukimon" that kills her.

They found her immediately and they were defeated immediately ( I’m talking about the soldiers ). Then she calls on the archer Sagittarius to fight just when Lamy comes. He tries to shoot her ( I would if I had the chance ) but alas, it had been for naught. SHE HAS A CURSE TOO (bummer) it’s called Sliding curse I think.

That’s when Lucy closed his gate and opened the virgin, I mean maid, virgin, maid oh whatever, Virgo to fight ( and pls. kill ) Lamy. And just as Torafusa shows up (finally, after so many times he pleaded to Mashima. LOL) he opened Loke to fight with him. and if two demons weren't enough let’s have another. It’s Jackass . sorry it’s Jackal. She decides to fight him but she got a whole lot of beating before she opens the gate of the water bearer, Aquarius. Opening not 1, not 2, but three zodiac gates? Now that’s awesome ( at least that’s what I think ).


I think that this was a great chapter especially for Lucy because she delivered. I'm really glad that Mashima gave her and the others a chance to really shine and show what they're really capable of. I'm really excited for the next chapter :D

how bout you? what do you think of this chapter. I would like to hear your opinions too. :D

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