Well Hello there FT wiki :D

Sorry if I had been inactive for so long because of my studies. I think I'll just Express my feelings in a so~~

*Shut up Man!!*

*Boo! You SUCK!!

OK fine. whatever. let's just proceed with the chapter review.

At first I thought this chapter was about Wendy ( you know, because she can use wind or air at her disposal) but I was wrong.

First the cover, Levy McGarden!! It was ok. It was nice seeing other characters of FT and besides, the main characters can take a break once in a while. :D

*Note: Please bear with the fish puns

Now let's get down to business. The chapter begins where it left off, a childish fight between Gajeel and Natsu, until SHARKBOY (Torafusa) decided to get serious. He completely submerged the place with his "Black Water" entrapping everybody inside including the other mages present there. Natsu tried to attack but his fire can't come out (DUH! fire underwater? come on man think!). Sharknado ( yes I'm still talking about the half demon half fish being) then attacked Natsu in a very fast way. Gajeel noticed that the other demon is not moving and commanded Natsu to take the women and look for a way out of the water BUT ALAS, they were already unconscious due to them swallowing the BLACK WATER OF DARKNESS *cue thunder*.

Fishface then tells Gajeel that the water is poison and kills anybody who swallowed it in 5 minutes. Gajeel then shuts his mouth with iron to prevent his self from swallowing the water and decided to defeat Swampert before it's too late. He tried to land a punch but Ariel (Little Mermaid) was too fast and poor Gajeel recieved many beatings. In order to keep up with the fish, He used his shadow to land a hit but he still received a lot of heavy beating from the Demon until he runs out of AIR (I guess this is where the title came from).

Gajeel was already running out of air until *cue shrieking Gale Shippers* Levy shows up and gives a Gajeel air through the mouth ( a kiss in short ) resulting in Gajeel restoring air and Levy's unconsciousness. The swamp creature then tried to hurt Levy but Gajeel blocks the attack. END OF CHAPTER!

This chapter was Good. I guess i'm biased because I'm a Gale shipper but what about you? What do you think of this chapter?

ooh By the way. The title of the next chapter is STEEL

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