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  • Shoobydoobop

    Well Hello there FT wiki :D

    Sorry if I had been inactive for so long because of my studies. I think I'll just Express my feelings in a so~~

    *Shut up Man!!*

    *Boo! You SUCK!!

    OK fine. whatever. let's just proceed with the chapter review.

    At first I thought this chapter was about Wendy ( you know, because she can use wind or air at her disposal) but I was wrong.

    First the cover, Levy McGarden!! It was ok. It was nice seeing other characters of FT and besides, the main characters can take a break once in a while. :D

    *Note: Please bear with the fish puns

    Now let's get down to business. The chapter begins where it left off, a childish fight between Gajeel and Natsu, until SHARKBOY (Torafusa) decided to get serious. He completely submerged the place with…

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  • Shoobydoobop

    Before I begin, I want to sing a song called Best Friend *Clears throat*

    "Colorful,colo-" *someone threw a rock at my face*

    Ok ok I'll begin.First of all, the cover was nice.The spin-off series of those exceeds would be cute (especially Lily).Anyways, the manga starts with where the last chapter ended. With LUCY!! (drooling)

    Back to the story. After that Plutogrim was destroying in the town of Magnolia including *cue choir* Cardia Cathedral which has been one of the famous landmarks in town ( they can rebuild it though hehe ). Anyways, Mard Geer talks to his whole guild that they got rid of the INTRUDERS and that the Face project can continue. But nothing gets pass the eye of the Almighty Mard Geer, which is our female heroin. He said that he w…

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  • Shoobydoobop

    Hi guys. I'm kinda new here so here goes nothing.

    i planned on joining this wiki to help and it is an honor to be working with you all. I'm very friendly so hope to chat with some of you. I'm hoping to make new friends here and lastly I'll sing a song for you all. it's called "Best Friend"

    Colorful, Colorful, SHOOBYDOOBOP!!

    haha Nice to meet you all :D

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