• ShinShinTo

    Hey everyone, I've been re-watching some of the fights in Fairy Tail and I always have this question in my mind, what would happen if it was different enemies they're fighting against? Or what if it was a different situation?

    An example such as, in the fight between Juvia VS Cana during Battle Of the Fairy Tail arc. It seems obvious that Juvia would naturally win against her, therefore they made a plot where she sacrificed herself to let Cana win. And obviously Cana couldn't fight against him. What if it was Juvia versing Freed? Would she stand a chance? I know that Freed using sensation to inflict damage instead of physical damage so Juvia would actually be a fair-er fight than Cana whose weak AF during that arc.

    Another question is during…

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  • ShinShinTo

    After watching the latest episode of Fairy Tail, I start wondering some weird stuff...

    What really is the purpose of Raven Tail? The end of the episode reveals that Raven Tail is here "for the sake of the guild"... I don't know it's probably some mistranslation...

    But since their guild was made public(no longer a Dark Guild) when most of the Fairy Tail members were "dead"(Acnologia)... If Raven Tail's guild were made to obliterate Fairy Tail, shouldn't they be disbanded now? If you know what I'm trying to say... There's gonna be another reason why Raven Tail was created...

    Aand.. About Ivan... Why did he made his own guild to oppose Makarov? What made him so evil??

    Another question is, Why doesn't Alexei(Ivan) want to let Obra show his power?…

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  • ShinShinTo

    In the anime, it is shown that The Trinity Raven survived the fired Etherion because of Fukuro. But so far, the manga has not shown any appearance of them and neither is the anime itself. There hasn't been any filler arcs in the anime that makes an appearance of them either.

    Why are animators revealing that they survived anyway, if they're not ever gonna appear ever again? The manga is said to be almost ending(unless it's not O_O), but there still hasn't been any hints that they will appear in the arc.

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