aka SatanicPunishment

  • I live in Houston,Texas
  • I was born on January 1
  • My occupation is a middle school student >.<
  • I am im male T-T
  • SethHeartphilia

    Erza vs Kagura ^ ^

    October 21, 2012 by SethHeartphilia

    Ok so as we all know wehave been waiting to see erza and kagura fight, but erza ended up killing 100 monsters so we might now see it. Ok but if they was to fight who do u think would win. Oh and i might make alot of these kind of blogs. I say erza because ive seen more of her powers, but i wanna say kagura so freaking bad. I wanna know yall opinions too. :)))))) COMMENT back

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  • SethHeartphilia

    Ok so personally i think mirajane is. Why because 1. She has three powerful take-overs. 2. She's very durable abd 3. She's juss awesome. Dont take me wrong Erza has a few nice tricks like her armors , but mirajane is a demon, a real demon. She has a variety of attacks that range from electricity to fire to water to darkness and so on. So tell me yall opinions.

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  • SethHeartphilia

    Hi everyone im new on here so i wanted to introduce myself. My name is SethHeartphilia ..... im not actually gonna say my real name @__@. I've been reading the stuff on here for a while now so i decided to make a account. it took me a while tho because some people on creeped me out ಠ_ಠ. Imma start small like small edits here and there. Oh yeah can you guys help me make my profiles look like yalls. Someone named Rauleli tried to help me, but i didnt really understand nothing he typed. He doesnt need to know about this tho ;).

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