ok, i made this blog because i think, i may have a theory on what will happen...

as we recall, there are six active dragon slayers... (Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Sting, Rouge and Laxus)...

if they are to fight one dragon each, cause you know, only power of dragon slayers can kill a dragon, there would be one dragon left!

i guess, one member of the guilds has a secret dragon slayer wizard, or my guess, was Arcadios, he was never given a chance to show his powers, or maybe Princess Hisui (which means Jade in japanese; i was thinking maybe Zirconis was her dragon parent) but I see lots of holes in Hisui being a Dragon slayer, first! Zirconis views humans as his food, Second! Hisui has a father, the king, wouldn't it be weird if she has a dragon parent and has a biological father, not unless she's adopted or she is a second generation dragon slayer, and Last, She doesn't show any powers in the manga (yet!) but if someone tries to pull a sword on you (like arcadios did to the princess) would you still use your sword?i f you know, that you have a Badass Dragon slaying magic?

so, that leaves, Arcadios, or another member of the guilds...

if it is one of the members of the guild, i guess that person might be one of these perons:

Juvia (lots of holes, yet possible and too long for its revelation) Kagura (again, lots of holes, but plausible) Ichiya (possible, lots of holes again! and that would be weird, right?) Ariana Webb (It just got in my head) Minerva (I don't see why not, but its the same as Hisui)

that's all!

Oh. and P.S. on the person who replied on my last blog, about Hiro Mashima should add Jeweled Keys instead of just gold and silver, sorry I didn't reply, cause My laptop broke, and I have just bought a new one... haha...

_but Seriously, would it be freaking awesome, Mashima-dono would add the chinese zodiac being jeweled keys? Reply guys! let's promote it for another Awesome arc!

Long Live Fairy Tail!!! Viva la Fairy Tail!!! Mou ikkiru Feiari Teiru! Mabuhay Fairy Tail!!!

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