So I have been thinking a lot lately about why we dont know how old Natsu and Gajeel. In the Battle of Fairy Tail Natsu and Gajeel were not able to get out reasons like the magic they use is lost magic in otherwords ancient magic waaay over 80 years old. But what if that was not the case what if Natsu and Gajeel are indeed over 80. An idea is that when the dragons Igneel and Metalicana dissapered in the year X777 what if the dragons werent the ones who dissapered it could have been Natsu and Gajeel that dissapered and got sent to the FUTURE. I recently re-watched the tenroujima arc and when Zeref first apperes and says that he cant wait for Natsu to show up and is all happy teary when he finally shows. What if Natsu and Zeref DO infact know each other because they are from the same time but since it was so long ago Natsu probably forgot or had his mind wiped. The reason i think they were sent to the future is one of 3 reasons 1: To protect them from the war the dragons were fighting and 2: Because the PROTO ECLIPS project. My theory about the PROTO ECLIPS project is that in the time X777 before Natsu and Gajeel were there, somebody used Layla Hartfilia (because you need an un specified amount of the 12 zodiac gates keys). The reason she died was because whoever used the PROTO ECLIPS project wanted something to do with dragons (or some weired reason) and instead of killing Zeref or doing what he wanted, Natsu and Gajeel came through there side and came from the year X377 to the year X777 and the gate closed and then Layla died because of it. This would make Natsu and Gajeel that their Dragons "dissapered" and not them. So this is my theory on how old they are in the current arc which is: Apx 25-26 or in the case my theory is right 425-426. So what do you think? I would LOVE to hear feedback on this (positive feedback).

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