Ok,first of all, i know this show by my friend and he keep encourage me to see this show.First time I saw this show, I was like that guy ( Natsu ) is so stupid, but I find myself that I quite like this show and then i"m addicted to Fairy Tail until now :)

Back to the topic,


It is because i ship NaLi,hehehehe and I actually like Lisanna with Natsu and obviously I am anti NaLu, sorry but Lisanna must be with Natsu and Lucy can find another men! I started to ship NaLi starting from the first appearance of Lisanna,episode 20 and I am quite shock to know that she has been dead :( When I know that Lisanna is still alive via manga ( HOORAY! ), I hope that there is NaLi moment but until now, there is no moment for them except at the Tenrou Island arc when Natsu and co came back to the camp, Lisanna greet Natsu and Natsu was so happy to see her safe and Natsu even asked her what had happened at the base camp ( anime only ) and when Lisanna play with Natsu hair. Mashima, please I begged, I want a NaLi moment, please.......................

Lisanna & Natsu

so cute :)

Lisanna hugs Natsu

aww :)

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