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  • Samirfan96

    Opening 12

    July 8, 2012 by Samirfan96

    ok first of all, i'm Samirfan and this is my third blog. I want share with all of you about the 12 opening of Fairy Tail. i like this opening so much but why there are some supporting character that is missing!!!let me list: 1)Lisanna 2)Juvia 3)Levy 4)Jet 5)Droy 6)Romeo 7)Lyon the 7 of them play major part in this arc but instead of them they put Warren ( i think his useless in fight,sorry! ) and Ichiya (WTF???)

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  • Samirfan96

    Ok,first of all, i know this show by my friend and he keep encourage me to see this show.First time I saw this show, I was like that guy ( Natsu ) is so stupid, but I find myself that I quite like this show and then i"m addicted to Fairy Tail until now :)

    Back to the topic,


    It is because i ship NaLi,hehehehe and I actually like Lisanna with Natsu and obviously I am anti NaLu, sorry but Lisanna must be with Natsu and Lucy can find another men! I started to ship NaLi starting from the first appearance of Lisanna,episode 20 and I am quite shock to know that she has been dead :( When I know that Lisanna is still alive via manga ( HOORAY! ), I hope that there is NaLi moment but until now,…

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  • Samirfan96

    I"m New Here

    April 1, 2012 by Samirfan96

    everyone, I SAMIRFAN96 still new at this wiki. I joined this wiki since october 2011 and i hope everyone can help me :)Most of all, i like FAIRY TAIL so much!

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