Sailor moon is awesome

  • I live in Jabberwock Island
  • My occupation is Married to Komaeda and being a yandere
  • I am female
  • Sailor moon is awesome

    Hello! For the new fairy tail movie coming out on friday, (i wrote this on 8-15-12) i thought that would be perfect for the fairy tail challenge! BASIC INFO make a reminder for the fairy tail movie and be creative (add a character saying it is how many days, make a small comic, ect.) it ends at friday 8-17-12 AD , 11:59 P.M EST (sorry i am in est) i will tell the winner in a week i will ask an admin,or bureaucratic to help me make a prize for the winner


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  • Sailor moon is awesome

    When i mean epic battle, it has to be at least 3 episode long, and must have lucy,nastu,gray,happy, and erza in the battle. mine was jedal vs Erza aka the tower of heaven battle whats yours?

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