From - At the bottom of the page. The new OP and ED (8) are as listed below:

- 8th Opening - "The Rock City Boy" - JAMIL

- 8th Ending - "Don't think.Feel !!!" - IDOLING!!!

RyuKirinThis will be IDOLING!!!'s 2nd work for the series.RyuKirin

I will upload some samples of each of the two above.

JAMIL OP 8 Album

IDOLING!!! ED 8 Album

-JAMIL's first single. Pretty good if you ask me =o.

IDOLING!!! OP 8 Background song sample] You can hear the song they are going to use for the upcoming ED in the background. It's also proof that it is the ED since they even say it's the ending. You don't even have to even understand japanese to know.

^ they clearly say "Fairy Tail no Ending" xD...what does that mean lol

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