This Disturbs me for serval months, we know half of the spriggans, we saw the abillity of three of them (Brandish, Ajeel and Orgast). But the only one we really know his power is Ajeel, I really want to know their powers.

so here some guesses:

Ajeel-Sand mage, we already know that, it'll be cool if he will fight warred.

Brandish-Maa Manipulation, this one is pretty useful, but I have no idea how to use it in a fight. get your enemies small and smash them, this is pretty lame.

August-Probaly a streopitycal mage, can do a lot of diffrent things, something like klooda of the anime, jus that klooda was a joke, just go look a his attacks O-O (Confirmed True, larger range of magic than zeref's, know even the ancient ones. On another level from the other spriggans)

Dimaria-The War Princess,Probably somenthing about weapons or summoning soldiers (hopefully the scond one)

God Serena-Everyone thinks it is Yury. Hell no, Yury is dead, DEAD, and they even don't look alike. but yeah, elcrecity will suit him pretty good.

Invel-Something About Ice, maybe even manipulation of weather (Confirmed True, Ice Magic)

there will be on slayer (hopefully a new kind, maybe someone trained to fight against fairy tail, a fairy slayer :D)

And obra, he will have a part here, I don't if it will be has a spriggan, but there is a chance.

I just want to say I don't want see them that way, I want Mashima to be much more creative. I can think of dozens of magics I prepare. But, it is not seem this way, I mean, sand, mass and barrier. So creative! XD

WWrite in the comments your ideas about the powers of the spriggans, even the spriganns that we still hasn't seen (Wizard Saints too).

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