I am sure I am not the only one that understood it, but mashima left a pretty thick hint about Dimaria's Power in the last chapter.

When Dimaria was getting ready to attack, she said "Indeed, a split second... from your perspective, that is"

From this sentence it sounds like Dimaria as the power to stop time, or at least slow him down like racer, or maybe even speed it up, it makes perfect sense, this is how she was able to cut Kagura's close without Kagura noticing.With here expert swordsmanship and the abillity to stop time, even to some seconds, she is absolutly a formidable fighter and deserves the title of one of the Spriggan 12. She'll probably fight pretty similiar to Jotaro and Dio from JoJo part 3, extremly strong physical attacks (in this case a sword) and time stop for dodging, attacking in suprise without the target being able to react and much more.

I also have a theory about Dimaria's Sword, I believe it's called Bare Naked Nymph, I also believe Dimaria has 100 swords (switching using requip) or one sword with hundrend form. In Mashima's last one-shot (and also the best one, I recommend everyone to read it, it's only around 30 pages, here is a link, in the one shot we're produced top 100 legendary swords that were stolen.

Bird-Shape Yashiromaru-A sword that transforms everyone that is being cut by it transform into a bird (well kinda, it's not really a bird, read it and understand) One Sky Seven Night Cutter-A sword that slashes seven times when being swung Demon Fang Shatter-A sword that grows enormous when swung. Fire Spitting Sword-A sword that spits fire

All of those swords didn't really appeared, they were only mentioned. But one of the legendary swords really appeared, Bare Naked Nymph, a sword that cuts through women clothes (I know, WEIRD). But it is actually the only thing Dimaria did with her sword until now, with here expert swordmanship, those swords can be extremlt strong, and with the time manipulation, Dimaria might be one of the most formidable fighters even among the Spriggans, there's also a chance that she at the same tier as Ajeel because they both add their first appearence in the same panel

Please write your opinion on this theory in the comments, I'll also love to hear theories of other people (especially on the Spriggan 12 and the Wizard Saints)

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