The Spriggan 12 were said to be stronger than everyone in Ishgar continent (Except for God Serena, yes, God Serena, not Yury Dreyar). But a lot of people are saying that they're are just hyped up.

I will be happy if you comment your feeling in the comments. But before that, a little reminder.

Brandish made a house become tiny in a second, and she was able to dramaticlly change the size of a island and even vanish it.

Ajeel can create a sandstorm in the size of Mangolia, and he was taken down only after Jupiter and Nakagami Slash Combined Attack. He also can turn things into sand, dry everything drom water and in instant and create a sand tsunami bigger than Makarov in Titan Form.

Whal showed much less, but I think this is by purpose. But still, he created a hall in freed's Justu Shiki like it's nothing, he's a robot, electricity don't effect him and he can create robots that use your weaknesses against you. I believe that whal isn't defeated and we saw him smiling because he understood his weaknesses (Switching Opponets Technique) and he will fix it. By the way, did you see how high can he jump?!

So again, I will love to hear your opinions about the spriggan 12, leave everything in the comments.

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