• Roy1313

    Dimaria's Power

    February 11, 2016 by Roy1313

    I am sure I am not the only one that understood it, but mashima left a pretty thick hint about Dimaria's Power in the last chapter.

    When Dimaria was getting ready to attack, she said "Indeed, a split second... from your perspective, that is"

    From this sentence it sounds like Dimaria as the power to stop time, or at least slow him down like racer, or maybe even speed it up, it makes perfect sense, this is how she was able to cut Kagura's close without Kagura noticing.With here expert swordsmanship and the abillity to stop time, even to some seconds, she is absolutly a formidable fighter and deserves the title of one of the Spriggan 12. She'll probably fight pretty similiar to Jotaro and Dio from JoJo part 3, extremly strong physical attacks (…

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  • Roy1313

    Well, yesterday I fought a little about one of Mashima's other works, a good one, but nothing compared to his other works, especially Fairy Tail (By the wat I recommend you to read all of his works: Rave master, Monster Hunter Orage and Monster Soul), Monster Soul.

    A little about the series:

    The tale of Monster Soul takes place in the land of Elfenland where humans and monsters inhabit. The main characters are a group of monsters called the Black Airs. The Black Airs is recorded as the strongest group of the monster forces in the great war between the humans and monsters.

    The first three chapters consist of three stories that do not have a main plot, but the last chapter of the "first stage" reveals a bit of the past.

    In the "second stage" the…

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  • Roy1313

    12 Spriggan Power Levels

    November 8, 2015 by Roy1313

    The Spriggan 12 were said to be stronger than everyone in Ishgar continent (Except for God Serena, yes, God Serena, not Yury Dreyar). But a lot of people are saying that they're are just hyped up.

    I will be happy if you comment your feeling in the comments. But before that, a little reminder.

    Brandish made a house become tiny in a second, and she was able to dramaticlly change the size of a island and even vanish it.

    Ajeel can create a sandstorm in the size of Mangolia, and he was taken down only after Jupiter and Nakagami Slash Combined Attack. He also can turn things into sand, dry everything drom water and in instant and create a sand tsunami bigger than Makarov in Titan Form.

    Whal showed much less, but I think this is by purpose. But still…

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  • Roy1313

    Spriggan 12 Powers

    September 13, 2015 by Roy1313

    This Disturbs me for serval months, we know half of the spriggans, we saw the abillity of three of them (Brandish, Ajeel and Orgast). But the only one we really know his power is Ajeel, I really want to know their powers.

    so here some guesses:

    Ajeel-Sand mage, we already know that, it'll be cool if he will fight warred.

    Brandish-Maa Manipulation, this one is pretty useful, but I have no idea how to use it in a fight. get your enemies small and smash them, this is pretty lame.

    August-Probaly a streopitycal mage, can do a lot of diffrent things, something like klooda of the anime, jus that klooda was a joke, just go look a his attacks O-O (Confirmed True, larger range of magic than zeref's, know even the ancient ones. On another level from the o…

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  • Roy1313

    Spells Disappears

    August 7, 2015 by Roy1313

    I noticed that a lot of spells erased from the wiki, please someone explain it to me, I want to put them back but it will be useless if the will be erased again.

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