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OK,my first blog on this wiki,as the title's about the best fight in FT ... dunno if a blog like this exists (most probably does.),..anyways

1.Which fight was the best in FT?

I think these were the best:
  1. Jura vs Brain
  2. Natsu vs Zero
  3. Grey and Lyon vs Racer
  4. Laxus vs Jura,..Meh I know it was disappointin' yet I nominate this one 'coz of the hype surrounding it the week before(perhaps the only week I looked forward to FT release).

I don't watch the anime so I dunno if other fights were better.

2.Other great fights in the Mangaverse?

  1. Kizaru vs 4 Supernovas(OP)
  2. (TOG)-Can't choose 'coz nearly all fights are epic
  3. Gon vs Hisoka(HxH)
  4. 9AD vs Martial Arts Alliance Leader(Breaker)

I might have missed many of 'em.

3.Another thing

I know this should be in a forum but -_-'..can't we create simple templates like {{Y}},{{:D}} and others so we can use em in talk pages,blogs,etc..we don't need to upload new images 'coz they already exist in the chat emotes mediawiki page.

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--Roranoa zoro Talk|||05:33,7/7/2013

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