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  • Roranoa zoro

    Ok,as the title says, mah question is What magic would you like to have in real life?

    Here are a few u r likely to pick:

    DSE magics are cool but have very few non-combat purposes,So I'd pick either Gajeel's or Wendy's.

    I'd probably pick Wendy's since i's much more useful IRL.

    No Way,too uncool >_<

    I dont really like it for some reason :/

    Pretty cool but not really useful IRL (imo).

    Love this magic,might pick this one.

    This ones good too.

    Here's a list:

    So which one do ya thick is the most useful magic IRL?

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  • Roranoa zoro

    Dunno whatever it is,but Natsu's most probably gonna eat it and gain a new powerup.

    In the chapter 342, there are four people who founded Fairy Tail: Mavis, Purehito, Walrot and some other guy.

    Who do you think that guy is?

    Whaddya think was Acnologia's DSE when he was in human form?

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    Best fight in FT

    July 7, 2013 by Roranoa zoro
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