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XD an over due Hello to the wiki

Thi is the first time I ade a blog DON'T JUDGE ME!!!! XD anyway i just gotta say this for some reason User:Omega natsu2 hates dora funny right he wrote in rai's blog thingy this: I hate her. Dora: "Where is the Mountain?" Mega: "Bitch turn the fuck around."

1 day ago by Omega natsu2

XD itz funny no but still DON'T HATE ON THE RETARD JUST CUZ SHES ACTIN STUPID SHE WANTS TO TEACH KIDS MEGA!!!! even though i totally agree XD and now just a random pic

Ishthak Avatar

this reminds me of Ish oh wait its her avatar thing

Wendy's Ball Attire

wait one more


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